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5 Excuses People Make For Not Buying Home Insurance

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Home is one of the major investments we make in life and securing it from any unforeseen situations is always our priority. While we make sure we adopt all the safety measures to keep it safe, we overlook the thing which saves us from a financial setback: our home insurance!

Here are some excuses people make to avoid home insurance.

1. I Live in a Rented Apartment

Structure of your home is important and so are your contents. Ensure that you get the valuable contents in your house like jewellery, portable equipment, expensive paintings, works of art etc. insured and secure them.

2. I Cannot Afford Home Insurance

The premium for home insurance can be as low as Rs. 1500. Isn’t this a very small price to pay for one of the major investment you make in life? Also, it is advisable to opt for a wider coverage since it will only benefit you in needful times.

3. Buying a Home Insurance is Difficult

Certainly not! With the advances in technology, your home insurance is just a click away! You can simply browse through the website of the insurance company you wish to buy home insurance from and get all the information you want e.g. premium, coverage etc. You can also make the payment online.

4. No Time

We all are juggling between our professional and personal lives and find it difficult to manage our time. But that’s no excuse, you can take out some time to buy home insurance. It’s simple and easy. Simply open a tab, browse through the insurer’s website, calculate the premium, read up on the coverage and make the payment. It takes less than 5 minutes of your time. Five minutes to keep yourself financially secured in your time of need, not a big deal right?

5. I Will Pay For the Damages From My Savings

Life is uncertain! You may be stable today but can you predict your future? Do not take a risk and get your home insured.

 Your home should certainly never be at risk because of excuses like these.  Ensure that you get your home insured right away with the best home insurance plans!

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Published on:8 Sep, 2016

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