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All about Bajaj Allianz Home Insurance!

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Home is our most prized possession. No place can replace the comfort and memories attached to our home. After all it is the place where we all have grown up and shared our joys and sorrows. Not only emotional, it has a lot of financial value attached to it as well. It is one of the greatest investments we make in our lives. But have you thought about the risks and contingencies associated with it? If no, it is certainly the time to think and get your home insured!

We, at Bajaj Allianz, realize the importance of your home and try and fulfill your needs with a unique insurance policy named ‘My Home Insurance All Risk Policy’ specifically designed to offer cover against various risks.

Who Can Buy This Policy

  • Any owner of a flat / apartment / independent building which is less than 30 years old and is not a Kutcha construction can purchase this insurance policy for his building and/ or contents including jewellery, portable equipment, works of art, curios, paintings and other valuables.
  • Any tenant and other non-owners of a residential structure can insure the contents including jewellery, portable equipment works of art, curios, paintings and other valuables present in the flat/apartment/independent building occupied by them for residential purpose.

Scope of the Cover

This policy will cover the  structure of the building and/or the contents  destroyed or damaged by an accident. The contents are also covered if they are lost.

Options for Policy Period

You can purchase a 1 year policy or can also opt for a long term 3 year policy. .

Add On Covers

Some of the add-on covers offered in the policy include,

  • Loss of Rent

If your property becomes uninhabitable as a result of events like fire or flood, loss of rent insurance will cover the income you’ve lost as a result of your tenants no longer paying rent.

  • Temporary Resettlement Cover

In case your property is damaged due to unforeseen conditions, this cover will take care of your cost of moving to some other location like transportation and packaging.

  • Keys & Locks Replacement Cover

This will cover the cost if  your house keys are lost, stolen or broken.

  • Lost Wallet Cover

This will cover the replacement cost of the stolen wallet including the cards and papers present in it. Application fee for these cards and papers can also be reimbursed.

  • Dog Insurance Cover

This will cover your beloved pet dogs against death due to accident or diseases.

Protection of your house is in your hands.So stop thinking and get your home and its contents insured right away! For best home insurance plans, do take a look at our website!

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Published on:27 May, 2016

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