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Bajaj Allianz’s Health Infinity Plan: Everything You Need to Know

Bajaj Allianz's Health Infinity Policy Details

The Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity plan is a unique plan that comes with the option of unlimited sum insured. If you’re wondering what that means and how it will help you, let us demonstrate with an example.

Let’s say Aman had a regular health insurance policy and he opted for a sum insured of INR 6L. He then met with an accident and incurred hospitalization expenses of INR 8,50,000. He would only be reimbursed INR 6,00,000. And, he would’ve had to pay the remaining INR 2,50,000 from out of his pocket.

Now let’s say he had opted for the Bajaj Allianz Health Infinity Plan. While choosing the plan, he opted for a room rent of INR 6,000. This meant that he would be covered for hospitalization expenses for INR 6L (i.e. 100x of the room rent). Let’s say he opted for a co-payment of 15%, which would be applicable on any claim amount over and above INR 6L.

For the same scenario where he spent INR 2.5L, he would only have ended up paying INR 37,500. Here’s how that would work:

Total Claim amount = INR 8.5L

Sum Insured with no co-payment = INR 6L

Remainder sum insured = INR 2.5L

Co-payment on remainder sum insured = 15% of 2.5L i.e. INR 37,500

So, in essence, we would’ve reimbursed Aman for INR 8,12,500 and he would only have to pay a few thousands.

So now you see how our Health Infinity Plan is very flexible and useful?

Other than the unique unlimited Sum Insured option, its features also include coverage for pre & post hospitalization expenses, coverage for day care procedures and option to choose individual Sum Insured for your spouse, dependent children and parents.

Check out this 2 minute learning content piece and know more about the features, benefits, coverages and exclusions of Health Infinity Plan.

For more information on health insurance, visit our website!

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Published on:22 May, 2020

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