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Announcement: Our Special Toll Free Claim Assistance Number For Chennai


Our heart goes out to those affected by the recent floods in Chennai.

We urge our customers in Chennai to reach out to us for any claim assistance on our special 
Toll Free number: 1800 209 7072

This is a dedicated helpline number for our aggrieved customers in Chennai. You can reach out to us at this dedicated helpline number any time for claim assistance.

This is indeed a testing time for Chennai. And we’re taking efforts to help going back to normal life easier for our customers.

We will do our bit to ensure speedy assistance to you. Call our special Toll Free number for assistance with a hassle-free claim process.

Toll-free helpline number: 1800 209 7072

Click here to know more about our special initiatives for customers affected by the Chennai floods.

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Published on:4 Dec, 2015

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