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Value Added Services with Bajaj Allianz Health Cards

One of my friends stays in Borivali and works in Churchgate (About 35 km away) in Mumbai. He has a regular 9 to 7 job. He used to suffer from migraine and other lifestyle-related health issues. Due to his hectic schedule and the ever-busy traffic in Mumbai; he seldom gets the time to visit a doctor and get an expert consultation for his health issues. However, this problem was sorted once he took an Individual Health Guard policy with Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance. Once he became a Bajaj Allianz policy holder, he became entitled to the 24×7 ‘Virtual Doctor’ services offered exclusively for Bajaj Allianz customers. By using the ‘Virtual Doctor’ service, he connected with an empanelled doctor on call and got expert advice on his health. The doctor prescribed him some medicines and suggested he get an eye check-up for his migraine. When my friend went to buy the medicines, he got around 30% discounts on the bill as the pharmacist was a Bajaj Allianz network partner. When he went for the eye-check up, he was suggested to get prescription glasses for his migraine on the basis of his report. He bought the suggested eyeglass and got a 30% discount at the optical store which was also a Bajaj Allianz network partner. This elated my friend and he became a loyal ‘Bajaj Allianz’ customer for life.

The instance provided above is just one of many such examples where customers have been provided with additional benefits apart from the regular policy, thus making them feel more attached and loyal towards the brand. This additional service/benefit provided to the customer is known as Value Added Services (VAS).

What are Value Added Services?

A wellness initiative by Bajaj Allianz Health Administration Team, Value Added Services refers to advanced and/or additional services given to customers. As a health insurance customer of Bajaj Allianz, a customer can save up to 30% on medicine, OPD expenses and other value-added services.

Why are they needed?

Health insurance is associated with illness and hospitalization and health cards are used as identification for initiating cashless claims. But what if the health card did much more than that? Value added services at network centers across the country is a great way to avail discounts on medical tests, health check up packages, doctor consultations and select dental and eye clinics.

Diagnostic and healthcare costs are increasing by the day and these costs account for 70 to 75% of the family’s healthcare needs. Unfortunately, health insurance covers expenses related to hospitalization only. This leaves a gap between the healthcare spend and what the insurer provides. Bajaj Allianz value added services gets a customer discounts on hospitalization and non-hospitalization related expenses. Moreover, it is an incentive for people who feel that the health insurance premium paid in a particular year is wasted if they do not make the claim in a particular year.

What are the Benefits of Value Added Services?

Bajaj Allianz Health Card makes a customer eligible for a number of discounts at health and fitness centers across the country.

  • OPD discounts at select outlets
  • Discounts on Pathologies at select outlets.
  • Discount on Radiology at select outlets.
  • Discounts on Wellness Test at select outlets.
  • Discounts on Pharmacy.
  • Many more lucrative health related offers at select outlets.

The value added services can help customers in various ways. For example, if the customer needs to get a diagnosis/health check up, they can avail up to 30% discount on the total charges. Wouldn’t it be beneficial for the customer to save around 30% on the expensive laboratory charges?

VAS is bundled with existing policies to provide better value to clients. There are various types of value added services available to the customers and the list is ever-growing. Feedback/surveys are required to demonstrate that VAS interventions do indeed bring value to clients, and to learn how they can be improved and expanded.

How Can a Customer Avail The Services?

• All these services can be availed with the Bajaj Allianz Health Card.

• All the Bajaj Allianz Health Insurance policy holders are provided with a physical health card or an E-card. Customers can avail the benefits of Value Added Services by flashing the health card.

The VAS offerings must be directed at improving the customer’s experience. The service provider needs to be a bit more experimental in approach to recognize and provide complimentary benefits to the customers. The customers should also realize that the value added services gives them the opportunity to avail the maximum benefit out of their health policy. In fact, it is like getting the policy absolutely free of cost. As Bajaj Allianz General Insurance puts it – “We have our value added service providers giving discounts and special offers exclusively for our customers, as we believe in RELATIONSHIP BEYOND INSURANCE”

(The author, Abhishek Bhatt is Assistant Manager, Web Media & Digital Marketing at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.)

For more information take a look at Bajaj Allianz health insurance plans.

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Published on:23 Sep, 2014

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