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Benefits of Buying Health Insurance Online


Shopping online is a trend that is rapidly catching up with people the world over. Today, in addition to purchasing retail products online, service providers too are giving their customers the benefit of purchasing services online. An increasing number of people are getting comfortable with the concept of buying products online, be it air, railway, or even bus tickets. Insurance is one such service/product that is accessible to everyone from the comfort of their home.

These days, there is an array of insurance products ranging from motor to health and even a travel policy that one can conveniently buy online. Moreover, in addition to the ease of purchase, there are a whole lot of other advantageous features that the online option comes with. Some of them are listed below.

Why Buying Health Insurance Online is Beneficial for You

Quick quotes: Several insurers these days offer online premium calculators. This feature provides you with the advantage of being able to determine the premium to be paid, depending on the plan of your choice. This allows you to pick the product that you consider most suitable for your needs.

Exclusive offers and add-ons: The benefit of buying products online is the availability of exclusive add-ons, which are not offered otherwise. Some insurers also offer exclusive benefits such as discounts on medical expenses, etc., upon renewal of an already existing policy. This is usually offered by virtue of exclusive tie-ups that insurers have with hospitals, service centers, etc.

Less time consuming: Buying your health or motor insurance policy online is also less time consuming. One of the prime reasons for this is the instant policy issuance which takes place in just a few minutes, without any hassle.

Ease of purchase: A major plus point when purchasing your motor, travel or an individual or family health plan online is the immense ease of purchase. Since the entire process is done by you, you get the advantage of browsing through an array of products, and deciding on what suits you best, without the possible biased opinion of any intermediary. Also, buying your insurance plan online usually offers you with the option of various modes of payment, thus allowing you to pick the one you find most convenient.

Lower costs: The prime advantage of buying your insurance online as compared to doing it offline is the cost factor. The lower cost of administering a policy brings in the advantage of lower premium costs. Furthermore, availing of the online facility to buy your insurance plan also comes with the advantage of various discounts, and even an EMI option, depending on the type of insurance plan purchased.

Other benefits: In addition to the usual medical benefits, some insurers also offer other value added services, including live chat services for health-related issues. This could include product-related queries, policy-related queries, or even chats with doctors, specialists, and other health experts, upon purchase of a health insurance plan.

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Published on:18 Jul, 2013

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