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Benefits of Telematics: Beginners’ Guide

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For all of you who are new to the word ‘Telematics’, let us guide you through what exactly this buzz word is all about. Telematics technology monitors the condition of your vehicle and sends you periodic updates and alerts about your driving pattern, engine or battery health and even important reminders such as insurance renewal etc.

We have listed down some benefits of this wonderful technology to help you understand why you need to install Telematics in your car.

1. Helps to reduce insurance cost

We all have to shell out huge amounts of money every year to insure our cars. When you install the telematics tracking devices in your vehicle, insurance companies give discounts on car insurance premiums. Therefore, by equipping your vehicles with the Telematics device you can get discounts which can help lower your insurance premium.

2.Easy navigation and locating your vehicle

Telematics device can help to track a vehicle if it’s stolen, it also provides easy navigation options with the help of GPS. In case of an accident or if your car is stationary after a serious collision then some telematics providers have a feature which sends them an instant alert and they may contact you to ensure you’re safe. Even emergency services such as ambulance can be alerted.

3. Helps to manage vehicle maintenance

Telematics device analyzes the data being captured on it and can inform authorized persons what is happening with the vehicle. A variety of aspects of vehicle operation, including location, route, speed, seat belt usage, engine RPMs, braking, air bag deployment etc. can be captured by this device. Installation of this device can help you better manage the health of your vehicle and eliminate additional costs arising out of poor maintenance. You can create alerts based on your car’s mileage, engine use or time. This will help you to develop an advanced vehicle maintenance schedule. Vehicles that are properly maintained and serviced regularly will rarely develop any mechanical problems thereby increasing the life of your car.

4.Helps to improve safety

The GPS system also ensures better safety with the availability of emergency service requests at just the press of a button. If your car breaks down, another vehicle can be sent immediately to the exact location of your vehicle. If you run into a problem with your car, your insurance company will be notified can send for help.

These are just some of the many benefits provided by Telematics. By having access to detailed information on your driving pattern and vehicle health, you can become more aware of the risks around you and take the necessary precautions.

Go ahead and install the Telematics device in your car. To know more about insurance plans with Telematics, visit our website.

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Published on:26 Sep, 2016

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