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How to get Cashless Claim Benefit with Car Insurance?

Cashless Claim Benefit with Car Insurance

Cashless claim settlement means that your insurance company will settle the repair bills of the damage done to your car due to accident and save you from a huge financial burden. Not only this, there are several benefits of the cashless claim settlement process offered by car insurance companies.

At Bajaj Allianz, we have a tie-up with 4000+ network garages, where you can avail the benefit of cashless car insurance claim process.

Following are the benefits of using the cashless car insurance claim settlement process:

  • Repairing or replacing a damaged car part is very expensive and it may burn a hole in your pocket. Thus, having the facility of cashless claim settlement reduces your financial burden and allows you to get your car repaired without any worries.
  • Our network garages are spread all over India, which help you to get your damaged car repaired without having to pay from your pocket, when you are on a road trip anywhere in India.
  • The 4000+ network garages provide you the best in class services to repair your damaged car as quickly as possible.
  • You get the trust factor and quality assurance when getting your vehicle repaired at a network garage.
  • With cashless car insurance claim process, you get peace of mind, which is much needed if you have suffered from major accident.
  • At Bajaj Allianz, we provide you a hassle-free claim settlement process, thereby offering you a high service standard with motor insurance.

What is the process of cashless car claim settlement?

The process to avail the cashless claim settlement benefit is:

  • Go to your nearest network Garage. You can locate the same
  • Call the call center and file the claim along with the details of the network Garage, where you have taken your vehicle.
  • You can also avail 24X7 roadside assistance, by dialing our Toll-Free Number 1800-103-5858 from your phone.
  • Submit the required documents at the garage such as:
    • Claim form duly filled and signed by you
    • Proof of insurance Policy
    • Copy of Registration Book, Tax Receipt
    • Copy of Motor Driving License
    • FIR
  • The network garage will help you with the repair of your car.
  • All the bills will be sent to your insurance company for clearance by the garage.
  • The approved amount will be deducted from the total bill and you will have to pay the rest (Non-Payables/ Consumables).

Please remember that with the cashless claim process you don’t need to bear the complete cost of repairs but, you will be required to pay the deductibles of your motor insurance policy. The compulsory deductible as well as voluntary deductibles will have to be paid by you for every claim you file.

Another form of cashless service offered by Bajaj Allianz is the Motor OTS feature of our Insurance Wallet app, which allows you to settle the claim of up to INR 30,000 in 20 minutes just by using your mobile phone. The benefit of using the Motor OTS feature is that you get the claim amount in your bank account without having to submit the repair bills and can get your car repaired after receiving the claim amount.

Visit our site – Bajaj Allianz General Insurance to know more about car insurance and car insurance claim process.

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Published on:1 Jul, 2019

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