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Pack light and keep a light mind too with Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance Plan

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Packing requires deeply personal decisions. Everyone has their own idea of comfort and style. By following a few tried and tested formulas of travelling light, you can avoid a lot of hassles while on the go. There are many benefits of carrying less luggage. A few are listed below: No excess baggage fees No waiting in the luggage belt for your suitcase No checked baggage fees if you can achieve ‘carry-on only’ No more airport trolley Quicker to pack at home and at your destination Makes multi-destinations trips less of […]



Sep, 2019

World Heart Day: Take care of your heart today and always!

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World Heart Day is celebrated every year on the 29th of September. This day came into existence in 2000, and was introduced by the World Heart Federation to spread awareness about heart diseases and strokes worldwide. On World Heart Day, let us pledge to celebrate our wonderful heart by eating well, exercising regularly, quitting alcohol and smoking and ensuring that we get sound sleep. Let us all do what it takes to start, to have a healthy heart! Take a look at the video to know more.


Get the finest cyber insurance policy and stay safe on the internet

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With the increased use of internet in our daily lives, it is very important to look for cyber safety. For example, your bank details and social media accounts should be protected from identity thefts. Fortunately, such problems can be tackled and can be handled with a sound cyber insurance. You may find yourself trapped problems, like Hari did. Read more to find out what needs to be done on cases like Hari’s. Hari, a 27 year old investment banker was staying abroad for many years. He had a credit card […]


3 DIY tips to help safeguard your home from unwanted elements during monsoons

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There is no greater feeling than spending the weekends at home during monsoons. A hot cup of coffee, your favourite author’s book and rains – this can be the best combination to spend a cozy weekend at home. But as everything else, the rain has its own downsides. Be it the irksome insects or the mold on your furniture, there are a whole lot of problems that arrive along with the rains. But hold on to your spirits. There are quite a few DIY tips that can help you get […]


What is lesser: Paying the fine or paying the premium? Find out!

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There has been a lot of buzz around the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019. Starting September 1st 2019, the fines have been increased, ensuring that the people do not violate the rules and stay safe. This new amendment has come into play to check the accident rates and make sure of road safety. It is mandatory to have a two wheeler insurance to ride the vehicle on road. If you do not have insurance, you are liable to pay a fine of Rs. 2000 and/or face imprisonment for up […]


Savour the delicacies of Onam and don’t forget to get the best health insurance plans

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Onam is here! It’s the most celebrated festivals of Kerala and for all the Malayalis across the world. For almost one week during this period, Kerala is shut for business and open for feasting. Onam is a harvest festival that takes place in Chingam, the first month of Malayali calendar. Onam is also celebrated to mark the home coming of the mythical ruler Mahabali, a beloved king who fought the battle with Hindu gods and defeated them only to be banished by Vishnu to the underworld. To felicitate his rightful […]