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Demystify Health Insurance Hangout – Queries and Answers (III)

Our Google+ Hangout on Demystify health insurance aimed to clear every doubt that viewers had about health insurance, regardless of the company offering it. However, due to time constraints, not every query could be answered live. That’s why, we decided to compile a list of every query that was submitted to us during and before the Hangout, along with the answer to each.

This is part 3 of the list.

Part 1 can be found here.

And part 2 is here.


Q. After opting for surgery only insurance, do I need to opt for base cover also?

-  Mohit S.

A. The Surgical Protection Policy covers specified surgeries, you can opt for a standard health policy to cover the hospitalisation expenses due to illness.


Q. Need to understand surgery-only insurance.

- Mohit S.

A. This policy covers 600 surgeries, fixed amount is paid for each grade of surgery. There are 11 plans with sum insured range from 1 lac to 10 lacs. Please visit our website for further details of the policy.


Q. Interested in buying health insurance policy.

- Nalla Suresh Reddy

A. Please visit our website to get detailed knowledge about health insurance policies, coverage, exclusions, etc. You can have online chat or call our toll free no. for further assistance about health insurance policies.


Q. Is any regular monthly income possible for a professional who has suffered a decrease in income due to being incapacitated on account of accident or illness?

- Ajit Kantak

A. Our Personal Accident policy covers a weekly benefit up to 100 weeks in case of disability due to accidental injury.


Q. How do health top up plans work?

- Divya

A. It can be taken with or without the base cover, in case of your hospital expenses going above your sum insured the top up plan would be triggered. However the terms and conditions may vary as specified under the respective policies.


Q. Need to understand why critical insurance cover is important.

- Mohit S.

A. The critical illness policy pays a lump sum amount on diagnosis of the listed illness, you can then plan your treatment out of the benefit amount, the standard health insurance policies do not cover the life style modifications, long term care, but if you have a CI policy you can take care of the same and lead a comfortable life. You can even plan the treatment abroad with the benefit amount.


Q. Issue of smart health card having patients’ medical history and treatment details just like credit card.

- Sridhar Raju V.

A. This is a good suggestion and we are already in discussion with hospitals as this requires infrastructure development from their end.


Q. What is the best policy for senior citizens?

- Ashok Arora

A. We offer Silver Health policy with entry age as 45 years and above and preexisting covered from 2nd year onwards with liability of 50% of sum insured.


Q. How to cover OPD expenses with a nominal insurance premium?

- Ashok Arora

A. We offer tax gain with OPD cover and also Health Care Supreme product.


Q. Is floating cover a good tool to reduce insurance premium and increase amount?

- Ashok Arora

A. As floater covers all family members and the premium is calculated on self’s age there is reduction in premium.


Q. Term preexisting disease is very confusing and not clear. Clarification on this term is required. Four year cooling is required for preexisting disease. After three year tumor of third stage is diagnosed, is it preexisting disease?

- Ajay Kumar Gupta

A. Any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which you had signs or symptoms, and/or were diagnosed, and/or received medical advice/treatment within 48 months prior to the first policy issued by the insurer.


Q. should I take private health insurance even if I have CGHS facility?

- Chander Mohan

A. Yes you should have health insurance cover along with the CGHS facility as the coverage in the CGHS list is of specific rates and might not help in case the expenses are huge in case of hospitalisation. A health insurance cover would be of great help in such a scenario.


Q. How to buy a policy?

- Dr. Ramesh Shetty

A. You can get in touch with our agents/advisors or log into our website for online assistance. You can also call on our toll free numbers for further guidance.


Q. I had Bajaj health insurance policy. Policy no is OG-xx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxx31. I had not taken any claims during the period when policy was in force. The policy was due on 15/06/2011 and I had not renewed the policy till the date. How do I get the same policy renewed? I also have life insurance policy of Bajaj Allianz.

- Divya S. Gaonkar

A. Regret but you will have to take a new policy. The old policy cannot be renewed as the grace period for renewal is 30 days and the policy has expired in 2011.


Q. Need to know on the following: 1. Need a family mediclaim cover, in which I want all covered up to collectively 25 lacs of medication expenses. Want to know what’s covered in this and what’s not, who all can be covered in this? 2. In our company there are about 60 plus employees need their family medical cover plan 4 lacs per family. Need more details on this. 3. What’s that you have for senior citizens?

- Kailash Baheti

A. 1. We have come up with a product with 25 lacs sum insured, in which we cover all hospitalization expenses along with maternity, subject to terms and conditions of policy. 2. Kindly provide us with your contact details so that we can get in touch with you 3. We have Silver Health plan for senior citizens.


Q. 1. Is your health insurance cashless? 2. What about illness at the time of taking insurance? 3. What is eligible age? 4. What is family insurance? Does it cover children and parents?

- Shrikrishna R. Shetye

A. 1. Cashless facility is available in health insurance. 2. If you have an illness at the time of taking the cover it will be covered after 4 years of policy renewal subject to the underwriting guidelines. 3. The eligible age is as per the product selected. 4. The family floater covers children, but for parents you would need to take separate policy.


Q. I have a personal medical insurance apart from the insurance covered by the company and now I am planning for a relocation for few years abroad, is it advisable to continue my ongoing personal medical insurance? Will my ongoing insurance covered overseas medical expense.

- Darpan

A. It is advisable to continue the policy as you will not lose the continuity benefit. The overseas coverage depends on the policy terms and conditions.


Q. I want to know about health insurance for me and my family.

- Suryaprakash

A. You can get in touch with our agents/advisors or log into our website for online assistance. You can also call on our toll free numbers for further guidance.

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Published on:28 May, 2014

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