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Extend Your Health Insurance Coverage with Extra Care

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According to a survey conducted by Bajaj Allianz on how happy people are with their existing health insurance plan, more than 60% participants reported that they fear that their health insurance plan may not suffice in case of a serious or long ailment. The reason for this is that most often the Sum Insured opted by an individual in a Health Insurance plan is quite low. Bajaj Allianz Extra Care is a unique health insurance plan that allows you to extend your existing health insurance cover. If the sum insured of your existing health insurance plan does not suffice for expenses due to illness or accidents, Extra Care health insurance policy takes care of the additional hospitalization expenses.

For example, if you have a 3 lac health insurance cover from your employer and your medical bill is 10 lakh, then you would use the insurance policy from your employer to pay the first 3 lac of the expenses and then pay the resultant 7 lac using the Extra Care policy.

The expense paid by your existing insurance policy or by you is called the Deductible Amount. Extra Care specifies a Deductible Amount for each sum insured option. The sum insured and the corresponding deductible amount is listed here:

Sum insured Deductible Amount (Paid by your existing health policy or by you)
10 lakh 3 lakh
12 lakh 4 lakh
15 lakh 5 lakh

Features of Extra Care

  • This is a floater policy, single sum insured and single premium for the whole family
  • Very competitive premium rates (see premium chart below)
  • No medical tests required upto 55 years (subject to a clean proposal form )
  • Pre-existing diseases covered after 4 years
  • Continuity for waiting periods would be given for any indemnity cover, irrespective of sum insured in the earlier policy
  • The policy covers ambulance charges in case of emergency subject to a maximum of Rs 3000


  • Can be taken as add-on policy with any health insurance policy
  • Income tax benefits u/s 80D
  • Premium starting at Rs.2500 p.a with Sum Insured options of Rs.10, 12 or 15 lakhs

Premium Table

Sum Insured / Deductable Number of members 90 days-40 yrs 41 yrs- 60 yrs 61 yrs- 80 yrs
Plan A
1 MEMBER 2500 3750 5900
2 MEMBER 3500 5250 8100
3 MEMBER 4025 6038 9255
4 MEMBER 4430 6645 10145
5 MEMBER 4870 7305 11115
Plan B
1 MEMBER 4500 5500 7900
2 MEMBER 5850 7150 10150
3 MEMBER 6435 7865 11125
4 MEMBER 7080 8655 12200
5 MEMBER 7645 9345 13145
Plan C
1 MEMBER 4750 5750 8150
2 MEMBER 6175 7475 10475
3 MEMBER 6795 8225 11485
4 MEMBER 7475 9045 12595
5 MEMBER 8070 9770 13570
Service tax extra


Premium Chart for Extra Care

Note about Claim Process:

  • The claim under cashless and reimbursement would be admissible in excess of the deductible limit, subject to terms, conditions, exclusions and definitions as per the policy wordings.
  • The proof of settlement of the deductible amount has to be produced at the time of claim in case of any other existing insurance policy

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