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Great Reads for your Travels



Travels are full of excitement, adventure and rejuvenation. But travel plans also include those little not-so-happening interludes, where you’re ‘in transit’ at an airport, or on a long flight. At times like these, it is always a great idea to have a book handy, to keep you engaged while you’re waiting.

Here are a few recommendations of books that will keep you company during those little pauses:

  1.  Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert

A memoir documenting the author’s travels around the world after her divorce, this book makes for a delightful read when you’re out travelling yourself. Elizabeth Gilbert’s book has also been adapted into a movie by the same name.

  1. Into the Wild By Jon Krakauer

A non-fiction book, which was also adapted into a movie, Into the Wild is an international best-seller. It highlights the story of Christopher McCandless who survived for over 130 days in the Alaskan wilderness. Quite an enlightening read, this.

  1. Short Stories By Jeffery Archer

Author Jeffery Archer has written a few collections of short stories, and they are ideal for travelling because of their length. Some of the options you could choose from include: 12 Red Herrings, A Twist in the Tale, To cut a long story short and A Quiver full of Arrows.

  1. Books By G. Wodehouse

If you’re looking for comic relief, P.G. Wodehouse is a great option. His brand of ‘English Humor’ and his astute grasp over human behavior make his writing light-hearted yet insightful. You could start with The Inimitable Jeeves or The code of the Woosters.

  1. Agatha Christie Mysteries

If you’re looking for something gripping, ‘The Queen of Crime’ will never disappoint. Her works featuring the witty Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, are especially riveting. Try Murder on The Orient Express or And Then There Were None, and you’re likely to get hooked.

  1. The Chicken Soup Series

A collaborative effort by motivational speakers Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, The Chicken Soup for the Soul series is a collection of inspirational & touching stories contributed by real people. It’ll be great for your travels.

  1. The Shiva Trilogy By Amish

If Mythology is your thing, then the Shiva Trilogy will get you hooked. Based on the story of Lord Shiva, these books by Amish give a great twist to these mythological stories that we’ve grown up listening to.

  1. Chanakya’s Chant By Ashwin Sanghi

A national best-seller, this book by Ashwin Sanghi, is a historical tale with a contemporary feel to it. It tells the fictional tale of Gangasagar Mishra, presenting the brilliant strategies of kingmaker Chanakya, a modern setting.

  1. The Harry Potter Series By J K Rowling

A childhood favorite for a lot of people, the Harry Potter series is a wonderful way to transport yourself into a magical world, while you’re out on your travels. This series of 7 books has always proven to be a crowd favourite.

       10. A Song of Ice & Fire By George RR Martin

This fantasy novel series short to fame with the extremely popular Game of Thrones series. Take a peek into George RR Martin’s fantasy world with this series of books which is full of royal battles, magical dragons, mysterious sects and convoluted relationships.

If you have books for company, you’ll ensure that your travels are never boring. To ensure the best travel experience, though, you should make sure your have a great travel insurance plan. Visit our website to get a customized travel insurance for your needs.

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Published on:21 Apr, 2018

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