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How to Compare Two Wheeler Insurance Online


We all love our two wheelers because it gives us the freedom to commute anywhere at any time of the day. It is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to commute. It is essential that we take an insurance cover for our two wheeler after comparing two wheeler insurance policy online. Though it is mandatory by law for all two wheeler owners to have a two wheeler insurance, it is advisable to voluntarily opt for the insurance cover as it takes care of the repairing charges of the bike in case of any accidental damage.

How to compare and buy two wheeler insurance online

Here are some steps that will help you compare and buy two wheeler insurance

1. There are 2 types of two wheeler covers which you can avail, one is Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance which covers the cost of damage caused by your vehicle to a third party. It could be another vehicle or another person and this insurance component is mandatory by law. The second cover is a Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance which provides cover against damage to other vehicles, people and the damage caused to your vehicle also. The cost of repairs of your motorbike will also be included in this.
It is advisable that you purchase a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy which includes both the above components.

2. Consider factors like Hassle-free claim settlement, quick and easy steps to purchase and renew bike insurance online and 24×7 claim support of the insurance provider before purchasing your two wheeler policy online.

3. Instead of choosing the cheapest cover you must look at which policy provides you the most comprehensive cover for your two-wheeler. Compare the add-ons you get with the policy cover. For example, add-on covers offered by Bajaj Allianz include Depreciation Shield, Engine Protector, Consumable Expenses etc.

4. Do check out the insurance provider’s claim settlement process and how user-friendly it is.

5. Compare the exclusions of your two wheeler insurance policy before making the purchase.

Renew your two wheeler insurance timely and save unnecessary hassle and costs. Comparing and buying two wheeler insurance policy online was never easier.

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Published on:23 Oct, 2015

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