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What is the Importance of Cyber Insurance for Women?

Importance of Cyber Insurance for Women

With the accomplishment of the right to equality and fair share of responsibilities to men and women, there is a significant rise in the number of women working online. The online presence of women has given them numerous opportunities to excel in every field, but there are some downsides to this progression. With more and more women using the internet, the risk of them becoming a victim of cyber-crimes has also increased. Thus, it is very important that women exercise a caution, when using the internet for their personal as well as professional work.

Women, in particular, have to be more cautious when it comes to online security, because they are the most common targets for cyber-attacks such as cyber stalking, online sexual harassment, identity theft and cyber extortion.

While you should be careful while using the internet, you should also buy an adequate cyber insurance policy. A cyber insurance policy is one of the best ways to ensure that you are protected from the aftermath of a cyber-attack. Having a cyber insurance policy is thus very essential to safeguard the online presence of women.

Importance of Cyber Insurance for Women

At Bajaj Allianz, we offer India’s first Individual Cyber Safe policy. This policy ensures that you get optimum protection against potential cyber threats and risks. We cover you for 10 major cyber-attacks, so that you are not troubled financially, in case you become the victim of any of these cyber-crimes.

Cyber insurance policy is important for women because:

  • Women often get stalked on social media when they upload their pictures or get tagged in some social media posts by their friends or family. Cyber stalkers go to the extent of using the information shared by you on social media and use digital communication to harass & frighten you. With Bajaj Allianz’s cyber safe policy, you are extensively covered against cyber stalking.
  • Cyber miscreants go to an extent of using photo shopping skills to create fake and compromising pictures of women. They use these pictures to threaten the women and demand for extortion money or sexual favors in order not make the fake pictures public. This is known as cyber-extortion and you can protect yourself against this cyber-crime by using Bajaj Allianz’s cyber safe policy.
  • Another way in which cyber-criminals harass women is by causing identity theft. They create fake profiles on social media by gaining unauthorized access to your personal data, stored on a digital device and cause trouble for you and your friends. Thus, it is important to have a cyber insurance policy that can safeguard you against such attack.

While these are some of the cyber-attacks that cause financial and psychological problems for women, you should be wary of other types of cyber-risks and cyber threats as well. A comprehensive cyber insurance policy like Bajaj Allianz’s Cyber Safe Insurance can be very useful in providing optimal coverage against 10 major cyber-attacks. Also, there are other benefits of buying cyber insurance like you can avail counselling and IT consultant services that might otherwise cost you additionally.

We hope that women enjoy this digital world without any troubles and anxieties. And, we are sure that a cyber insurance policy will definitely help them to exercise this freedom smoothly.

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Published on:9 Aug, 2019

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