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Is Travel Insurance Worth It?

Person A: Hey, I am planning a trip to Singapore

Person B: Wow! Do you have a travel insurance?

Person A: No, I am little reluctant about it.

Are you confused like A? Cannot decide whether travel insurance is worth your money?

Here are the benefits which prove that travel insurance is fruitful for all you avid travellers.

1. Medical Emergencies and Evacuation

Situations are unpredictable. You can never say which medical emergency might just pop up the very next moment. Do not panic. Your insurance company will take care of it! Whether it is hospitalization due to an illness, accident or an emergency evacuation at the time of need, insurance comes to your rescue!

2. Trip Cancellation

Could not go for the trip you planned due to some unforeseen reasons? Insurance companies ensures that your losses are compensated ? Save yourself the next time from burning your pockets!

 3. Personal Liability

Mistakes can happen anytime. If you are held accountable for some third party damage, insurance covers your liability and legal expenses.

 4. Personal Belongings, Baggage and Passport

Possessive about your favourite camera? Concerned what will happen if you lose your checked-in baggage while travelling? What if your passport is lost while you are exploring amazing destinations? No worries! Insurance makes sure these hiccups do not spoil your fun.

 5. Special Packages like Hole-in-one insurance

Hole-in-one insurance is indeed a prudent decision for all the golfers. As per tradition, anyone who scores a hole in one should buy drinks back at the clubhouse for his playing group — if not everyone present

 6. Packages for Students, Senior Citizens and International Business Travellers

Packages are designed keeping in mind the requirements of customers.

If you are a student travelling abroad for studies, your insurance company offers you various benefits like expenses of hospitalization, loss of baggage, accident to sponsor, family visit and other incidental expenses.

For senior citizens travelling abroad to visit their children, insurance comes as a boon. From medical expenses, loss/ delay of checked-in baggage to trip delay, insurance takes care of all.

International business travellers can focus only on work and leave trip related apprehensions with the insurer now! Already refreshed?

For more information about travel insurance, do visit our website!

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Published on:3 May, 2016

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