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Is your backpack ready for the monsoon?


The change of season from hot and dry summers to cool and wet rains is the best time for people in India to enjoy and make plans for long drives, trekking, playing football, a small visit to a hill station and what not. The plans are made right from the first down-pour, which leaves a mesmerizing lovely scent and provides relief from the blazing sun in turn making the weather very pleasant.

But have you packed your bags right for the monsoon vacation that you have so eagerly planned?

Let’s have a look at some of the essentials you do not want to miss out on when you are travelling in the monsoons.

  • Carry first-aid box
    The most important item that you should keep in your backpack is the first-aid box. The roads are slippery in rainy season and you may slip and hurt yourself, so always pack an anti-septic solution and Band-Aids. There are also chances that you may get insect/mosquito bites, so carry a repellent in your first-aid kit. Also carry general medicines like tablets for fever, cough, stomach pain, headaches and vomiting.
  • Pack umbrellas and raincoats
    You will not need the umbrellas and raincoats when you are travelling by car, but when you get down at a tourist spot, this rain gear will keep you covered. Umbrellas can also protect you in case heavy wind welcomes you when you get down from the car.
  • Choose appropriate footwear
    Rubber sandals and flip-flops are the best when you are walking on wet roads/tracks. They avoid slipping and tighten the grip while walking. Sneakers can also get wet and take ages to dry. Also you will not want to ruin your fancy and expensive shoes in the damp weather, so carry gumboots or sandals as per your convenience.
  • Carry your own water bottle
    One of the major cause of people getting sick in monsoon is the consumption of contaminated water and food. Well, it is understandable that you might want to enjoy the road-side food in the breezy weather, but it is best advised that you drink clean water. So what can be better than carrying the supplies yourself?
  • Keep a waterproof bag handy
    Keeping your electronic gadgets such as cameras, mobiles, ipads and tabs dry is very important as they are quite expensive. Thus, a waterproof bag will be a useful item for you to have in your backpack. And guess what, you can use this bag to keep your wet clothes once you change into dry ones. Silica gel can also help you keep your gadgets dry.
  • Pack some games
    Its so nice to re-live the good old days. Board games like snake & ladder, ludo, monopoly and a pack of cards can bring back your childhood memories. Playing these games sitting near campfire or even in your hotel room can be the best for night-outs where you can’t actually step out due to bad weather.
  • Don’t forget Portable chargers
    You never know when your mobile runs out of battery, so always carry a portable charger with you. It is quite common that heavy pour-downs are accompanied with power cuts, thus having additional sources of charging your phones is a good .

These are the must-have items in your backpack. If you feel we have missed out on anything, please feel free to comment and refine the list.

While you pack smart while travelling, make sure to be safe as well. Having a travel insurance can be an added benefit for your trips. Visit our website and get insured before you begin your journey.

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Published on:8 Jun, 2018

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