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New Immigration Rule – No Departure Cards


The home ministry of India has unanimously decided to discontinue the process of filling the departure or embarkation card for Indian nationals flying abroad, starting 1st July 2017. It is similar to what the government had done on March 2nd 2014, when they had stopped the rule of filling the arrival or disembarkation card for Indians flying in from abroad.

So, what is embarkation form? It is a form that has to be filled by every traveller before starting their journey, listing the following information:

  • Name and Sex
  • Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Nationality
  • Passport details viz. number, place and dates of issue/expiry.
  • Address in India
  • Flight number and date of departure
  • Occupation
  • Purpose of visit from India

This move has been introduced for a breezy and hassle-free immigration process at airports. However, the embarkation form has been discontinued only for air travel. People travelling by rail, road or sea will still have to fill the form.

Apart from the new immigration rule, all the major airports in India have already stopped tagging and stamping the hand-baggage for domestic travellers. This rule will soon be implemented at every airport across the nation under the supervision of CISF.

We welcome this move and appreciate the effort taken by the government in making the immigration process a lot smoother. Also, do not forget to insure your travels in India and abroad as a travel insurance guards you from any kind of hassle that may come your way. For more information on various travel policies and coverage they offer, please visit our website.

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Published on:24 Jun, 2017

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