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Power Stretches

power-strechesYou think you have a cushy job – sitting in a chair all day, typing away on a computer – it doesn’t sound physically taxing, does it?

And yet, you feel wound-up and tired when you finally pick yourself off that chair and head home.

Have you ever wondered why? The simple answer is – no matter how good your posture is, sitting in the same position all day, without breaks, makes your muscles seize up and get stiff. The result is pain – pain in your back, neck, shoulders and arms, which bear the brunt of hours of inactivity.

Power Stretches is a slideshow designed specifically to prevent the lack of exercise at work from attacking your muscles and leaving you worn out. This set of five-minute exercises can be done anywhere, anytime! It’ll energize you, get your circulation going and work the lethargy out of your muscles. Watch this slideshow to know more:


Your feet are important too – view a presentation from Bajaj Allianz on how to keep your feet healthy and relaxed even after a hard day’s work – click here.
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Published on:10 Nov, 2011

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