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Protect Your Car from Theft

For most of us, a vehicle is much more than just a mode of transport, we work hard, plan long and eventually buy our cars. It’s quite apparent then, our love for our vehicles. And because we can’t always supervise our cars, here are some ways you can keep your them safe and sound!

We hope you found this useful and practical. Remember – prevention is better than cure!

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Published on:5 Aug, 2012

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12 thoughts on “Protect Your Car from Theft

  1. Naseer Ahmed

    I have taken two wheeler insurance from your company and its time for renewal . As i have shifted from the given address , i need to update to new one and then renew. plz let me know how to update my address.


  2. Dashrath Singh

    transfer owner name and address in insurance policy of second hand car purchased, policy no. OG-13-1103-1801-00004490


    • CFU

      Dear Mr.Singh,

      Thanks for writing to us.

      We would like to inform you that for transfer ownership you need to submit the required documents to your nearest Bajaj Allianz General Insurance branch.

      We will send you a required documents on your email id.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Help and Support Team

  3. M.K. Nikhil

    I had renewed my two-wheeler insurance policy on 06.12.2012 vide policy No. OG-13-9906-1802-00024143. I had instantantly downloaded the soft copy. Wouldn’t I get a hard copy of the policy? If yes, by what time (one month’s time already expired).


  4. Shanti Chattopadhyay


    My Policy No. is OG-12-2401-1801-00056645. I am trying to register online, but I dont see any link to register online for car insurance policy holders (I only see it for Life Insurance policy holders). Can you send me the link for registering online for car insurance policy holders. Also, I need to renew my policy soon. Whenever I try to renew it online, it sends me to message to contact local branch office. Can you fix this problem, so that I can register online to renew my policy. Thanks so much.

    Shanti Chattopadhyay


  5. Jitender Goel

    I purchased an online police from your web site on 19 December 2012 and my policy no is OG-13-9906-1801-00026127.At the time of taking policy your representative promised that I will receive the policy in five minutes but till now I have not received the same. Please arrange to provide my policy at the earliest.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jitender Goel


    • CFU

      Dear Jitender,

      Thanks for writing to us.

      We will send you a soft copy of the policy on your email id for your ready reference.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Help and Support Team

  6. Thomas Freddy George


    I would require you to correct some information on my existing BajajAllianz Car insurance # OG-12-1602-1801-00007316.
    The place of registration and the registration date has to be corrected as shown below.
    Vehicle Registration Location : Ernakulam
    Vehicle Registration Date : 16-Jan-2012

    Please help me so that I can proceed with the renewal of the insurance which is due for 26-Dec-2012.

    Thomas Freddy George
    +91-999 588 ***


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