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Rain-proofing your home this monsoon

Monsoon is not an easy season to deal with when it comes to our homes. Yes the temperature cools down, yes there is greenery everywhere but the hassles are also plenty. Monsoon is probably the only season in our country for which we take major precautions and prepare ourselves and our assets (homes, vehicles, etc.) well in advance. To deal with the moisture and humidity in the air, we list a few tips that will help safeguard your home:

  1. Clean your wooden furniture with a dry cloth, do not clean it with a wet cloth as you may in other seasons, as the moisture around can further dampen and spoil your wooden furniture.
  2. Roll the carpets away during this season as the wet floors take longer to dry and may spoil your beautiful carpets if they’re spread on the floor.
  3. Use a disinfectant based floor cleaner every time you clean the floor as bugs and insects are common in this season.
  4. Keep your drainage system/pipes clean, food particles may get stuck and given the weather excessive water may get stuck too. Clean it every week to prevent foul smell and breeding of insects.
  5. If you have unattended, loose or faulty wires at home make sure you fix them before the rains kick in, as an electrical failure may lead to short circuit.
  6. Check your house thoroughly for leaks, holes or cracks as water may seep in through these and create spots and mold formations.
  7. Most wooden doors swell up during monsoon, use sandpaper to even the surface. The same method can also be used for drawers and cabinets.
  8. Paint the grill and railings of your homes before the rains in order to avoid rusting and corrosion.
  9. Moisture and dampness are prevalent during monsoon. Use dehumidifiers or turn on the AC occasionally to get rid of the excess moisture.
  10. Keep tarpaulin sheets handy if you have big windows or wide balconies. You can cover them and prevent water from coming in and also cover the wooden panes.

Take the necessary precautions and protect your home from the hassles that this season may bring.

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Published on:21 Jul, 2017

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