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How Fasting Can Detoxify Your Body?

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The holy month of Ramadan is starting. Each day for the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset.Although fasting in Ramadan has a spiritual significance, here is an insight on how fasting also helps detoxify your body.

Benefits of Fasting

  • When fasting, you are giving your body a complete break from food. Since majority of our energy goes in digesting the food, our body has a lot more energy than the usual. This energy is used by the body for healing the old wounds and removing the toxins built up for years.
  • Fasting resets the taste buds thus making it easier to enjoy food when the fast is over.
  • Fasting resets the appetite and a person who fasts often does not overeat.
  • Fasting can quicken the process of weight loss.

What to Expect When Fasting?

In case of a long fast, constant hunger will be experienced for the first three days or so. During this period you might experience irritation, headaches and tiredness as the body starts its detoxifying process. After about three days, appetite diminishes, skin is cleared and your energy levels return.

Fasting is safe for everyone with an exception of those suffering from cancer, diabetes or other severe health issues. It is recommended not to exercise strenuously while fasting.

Breaking a Fast

Breaking a fast is equally important. Do not tuck in a plate full of food in your stomach after a long fast. Break the fast eating healthy home-made food.

Tips For a Healthy Ramadan

  • Start your Iftar meal with a warm soup. It will comfort your stomach after a long day of fasting. It also replenishes your body and helps your digestive system for the meal.
  • Do not eat more food than usual during the month of Ramadan. Eating sweets in moderation and staying active throughout the day will help you maintain your weight.
  • People who have low blood sugar levels and hence experience dizziness should break the fast by eating 2-3 dates.
  • Avoid salted foods such as salted nuts and pickles as these will increase your thirst at the time of fasting.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water distributed in small quantities. This will prevent you from feeling bloated.
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Published on:6 Jun, 2016

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