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Roadside Assistance for Women

Despite all the modern advances of our age, the first thought in a woman’s mind when she steps out of her house is invariably related to her safety. It is a sad fact that women in India have grown into the habit of calculating their every move by first considering their safety, and then considering convenience or benefit. Women are buying cars in ever increasing numbers, as having their own private transport is a mark of their independence as well as the safest mode of transport when returning late from work, or an outing with friends.

And yet, one little accident is all it takes to blow a hole in this carefully constructed armour of safety. It need not be as major as a car crash – something as minor as a puncture, a drained battery, or misplaced keys can leave you stranded on the road. Not a pleasant thought, especially if it is late at night and you work in a remote corporate complex with not many people within reach should you need help. Far from family and friends, the one thing a woman needs in such a situation is a trusted number to call, with the assurance that help is on the way.

24/7 Spot Assistance is a Bajaj Allianz women safety initiative that is aimed towards making the roads safer for women to travel on, at all hours of the day and night. You are safe only when you know that if a problem befalls you on the road, it will be taken care of speedily, and that is what we promise to do for you:

  • If you have had an accident, we shall help with paperwork and conduct a spot survey, and even provide some legal advice via phone if needed. Medical aid in such cases is a given, of course.
  • A drained battery will not bother you again, as we provide assistance to jumpstart, no matter where you are stuck.
  • We also conduct on-the-spot repairs in case of minor technical issues or a flat tyre.
  • In addition to all this, we provide towing facility to the nearest Bajaj Allianz preferred workshop.

But these are technical concerns. There are many other services included in this car insurance add-on cover, which is geared towards ensuring that you reach home safely and comfortably. We offer:

  • Urgent message relays via phone or SMS to relatives/specified people
  • Assistance in locating an emergency medical centre
  • Fuel refills up to 3 litres of petrol/diesel (chargeable)
  • Taxi service anywhere up to 50km from the spot where the insured was immobilized
  • Accommodation benefits – overnight stay @ Rs.1000 per day per occupant, if the accident was within 100km of the centre of the covered city and more than 12 hours of repair are required of the insured vehicle, from the time of reporting the incident

Spot Assistance is valid within the range of 100kms of cities covered under this scheme.

So if you are ever stuck on the road, don’t worry and don’t be scared. Call us toll-free at 1800-103-5858. Day or night, we are always reachable.

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Published on:24 Feb, 2014

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