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Safety Equipments that Your House Should Have


Home is where you feel the comfiest and the safest. But, what if we say that you can make it safer simply by installing a few safety devices in your home.

Yes, a few efforts from your end can ensure that you, your family and the contents of your house can be protected from day-to-day hazards. Here is the list of 5 equipments that every house must have:

Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers are a must have in every home to curb any fire-related hazards, especially fire in the kitchen (Stove) and bathrooms (geyser). People often ignore to place this simple device in their homes and raise the risks associated with fire.

Smoke detectors

Smoke detectors should be installed in your home, one in each room. For instance, if someone leaves the curling iron switched on, it may lead to fire and smoke in the house. To safeguard your home, you should install smoke detectors compulsorily in your house.


Children are very active and are always exploring things around them. Be it your kitchen or your bathroom, their curiosity of discovering and finding about new things does not end. Many times, this exploration leads to household accidents such as slipping and hurting oneself or destroying the contents of the house by creating an innocent mess. Thus, you must take the necessary childproofing measures in your home, if you have kids.

Deadbolt locks

The valuable contents of your house are safe only if they are kept locked safely. A deadbolt lock is the safest lock designed by interlocking, which makes it almost impossible for thieves and burglars to break-in your house and steal your priceless possessions.

CCTV camera

A  CCTV camera might be the most useful, as well as hidden, security device that can prevent a robbery in your house. Either the thieves will not break-in your house seeing the CCTV installed or if they still break-in your house they can be caught by the police with the help of footage captured in the CCTV.

We hope that you install these safety devices in your home so that you feel safer in your coziest place, a place where your heart resides, your home.

An added advantage of installing these safety equipments in your home is that it might help you to reduce the premium for your home insurance policy.

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Published on:1 Mar, 2019

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