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Safety Tips For Driving In Floods

Often when we get stuck while driving through floods we panic and force through the water. Instead you need to stay calm and follow these instructions.

Situation One: Water Level Is Above Tyre Level 
  • When water level is above the tyre level it’s no use forcing your car through the flood. You have to simply stop driving



Situation Two:  Vehicle Is Submerged In Flood Water
  • You need to shift to the first gear
  • To avoid the silencer from getting blocked by water, press the accelator to increase the engine RPM
  • If you wish to reduce the speed of your car, it’s best to use the clutch and avoid reducing engine speed
  • After you pass through the flooded area, continue to accelerate the engine so that the silencer cleans up



Situation Three: Water Level Is below Tyre Height
  • Never start the vehicle by any means. This can cause severe damage to the engine
  • Let an expert technician inspect the damages, transmission, electrical and electronic components



Situation Four: Vehicle Has Been Submerged In Water For Long
  • Replace all the lubricants and fluid
  • Check for proper operations and mechanisms
  • Apply anti-rust and anti-fungal spray for it’s restoration

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Published on:7 Dec, 2015

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