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5 Safety Tips Every Woman Traveller Must Know

Travel insurance tips: 5 safety tips for women travelling solo

Discovering the world on your own and enjoying me-time at some beautiful location is a dream come true for many of you. With women empowerment on the rise, there are several solo woman travellers as well as all-women groups exploring the world and celebrating their liberty. While many women still do not have this liberty, there are a few who despite having the freedom to travel, either postpone or cancel their plans because they worry about safety on their trip.

Here are some safety tips for all you strong and independent women travellers:

  • Know about your destination
    Before you embark on your trip, you should know about the place where you’ll be spending the next couple of days. You should do a little research while browsing the net and making notes about the places to visit, currency information, hospitals near your stay and public transportation.
  • Exercise Trust with caution
    While people are friendly all over the world and would like to help you explore the local area, you should be alert and trust someone cautiously. You might find yourself in trouble if the person who seemed friendly was actually a con, who robbed you of your belongings.
  • Share your itinerary with your family/friend
    When you are far from your home, it is a good idea to let someone know about your whereabouts, so that they can get in touch with you in case your trip takes a wrong turn. Your friends and family can help you or arrange for some help if you get stuck in some gruesome situation while travelling.
  • Always carry your belongings with you
    You should always carry your backpack with you and it should have important things like your wallet, medicines, passport, hotel details, mobile charger, a few food items and a water bottle. Never let your valuables out of your sight and make sure you hold on to them in every situation.
  • Get travel insurance
    Travel insurance should be the topmost item in your checklist when you are making your travel plans. A travel insurance policy covers you for:

    • Loss of baggage/passport
    • Flight delay/cancellation expenses
    • Hospitalization expenses
    • Medical evacuation
    • Personal liability
    • Emergency cash advance

We hope that you follow these safety tips and have a fun-filled trip!

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Published on:3 May, 2019

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