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Safety Tips to Keep In Mind While On A Road Trip

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We wrote about the common mistakes that people make before starting the road journey. Let us also help you in listing the safety measures that you must take while you’re on the road.

  1. Be an alert driver

Road trips are the best time to interact with people, enjoy the view and listen to music. But while you do all of that make sure you are alert and your eyes are always on the road do not get carried away, always be vigilant.

  1. Check your tyres and petrol/gas level

Do not wait for petrol or gas to get over completely and then look for a station. Whenever you spot a petrol pump go there and get your car a refill and get the tyres checked. In remote areas, you may not have access to petrol pumps or even have the phone network to have people help you out.

  1. Pull over every 2-3 hours

Driving can be pretty taxing, especially if you are driving for long hours at a stretch don’t stress yourself and take regular breaks. Be careful about where you pull over, not every area is safe, look around if the area appears safe then only stop there.

  1. Be under the speed limit

Do not over speed or drive too slow. Follow the general rhythm of the road and drive safely. Remember, you are in no rush to reach your destination. Drive smart, drive carefully.

  1. Protect yourself from rash drivers

There will be a lot of aggressive drivers on the road, you needn’t be a part of that bandwagon. Set an example by being the courteous driver. If they honk continuously, let them pass. Take a deep breath and follow your own path.

While you follow all the safety measures on your road journey, do not forget to enjoy the trip. Build memories and protect all the beautiful memories by giving it the guard of insurance. Bajaj Allianz’s domestic travel insurance not only covers accidents it also covers hospitalization, loss of baggage, bounced hotel, emergency medical evacuation etc. To know the complete list of coverages and learn more about the product, kindly visit our website.

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Published on:22 Apr, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Safety Tips to Keep In Mind While On A Road Trip

  1. stromsoe

    very genuine and basic tips for any driver that is on the road. I think that driving carefully saves you from a lot of trouble. these tips should be in every driver’s mind before going out.
    thank you.


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