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Know the exclusions of Car Insurance Policy

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You went to the showroom and bought a brand new car. Isn’t it a great feeling? But you can’t drive the car home until you have a valid car insurance with you. You can buy the insurance yourself or get the car insured with the insurance company your car dealer has a tie up with. To start driving your dream machine, you need to get your car insured and read the terms and policies. But there are certain terms that are in asterisks. You need to read them more carefully. […]


Road accidents in India and how a good car insurance plan can help you

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In India, road accidents have grown at an unprecedented rate. As per reports there were 1,50,000 people killed in traffic accidents. That comes to 400 fatalities a day.  As per the data recovered for over a period of 6 years, Uttar Pradesh saw the maximum number of road deaths from 16,004 in 2013 to 22,256 in 2018. There was a consistent descend in the number of  road deaths in Tamil Nadu, which stood at 15.563 in 2013 to 12, 216 in 2018. With the new Motor Amendment Act in place, […]


What is lesser: Paying the fine or paying the premium? Find out!

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There has been a lot of buzz around the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019. Starting September 1st 2019, the fines have been increased, ensuring that the people do not violate the rules and stay safe. This new amendment has come into play to check the accident rates and make sure of road safety. It is mandatory to have a two wheeler insurance to ride the vehicle on road. If you do not have insurance, you are liable to pay a fine of Rs. 2000 and/or face imprisonment for up […]



Jun, 2017


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Our two wheelers are our Man-Fridays. They stick with us through thick and thin, through the traffic blocked roads to the rocky terrains, we use and abuse our two wheelers the most. They save us a lot of time and make our journey on the road comfortable and smooth. When something does so much for us it is important that we respect it back too. Maintaining and taking care of the bike parts regularly is the best way to show some love. Here are some useful tips to make sure […]