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DriveSmart Service:Unique Driving Monitoring System-FAQ Series 1

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Q1. Why should I choose “DriveSmart” feature with my car insurance?

 “DriveSmart” is a unique connected car proposition provided by Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited which gives you an improved and more efficient 24X7 roadside assistance by using telematics technology. “Drivesmart” will not only keep you and your family safe and secure by alerting you on various parameters like over-speeding, geo-fence violation and engine/battery health, but it will also help you in saving costs on maintenance of your car, as well as fuel spent, by providing insights on your driving behaviour.

Q2. What are the prime features of “DriveSmart”?

 Major features of DriveSmart are:

a. Priority 24×7 emergency roadside assistance

b. Driving Summary of the day/week – kms travelled, time spent driving, approx. fuel spent

c. Car Engine/Battery Health indicator

d. Geo-fence alerts

e. Over speeding alert

f. Towing alert

g. Rash acceleration alert

h. Real-time location sharing on social platforms

i. Reminder about License/ PUC/Insurance expiry

j. Locate nearest petrol pump feature

k. Locate your Car feature

l. Servicing reminders

m. Tips on improving driving behavior

Q3. Can this feature be used for my two wheeler as well?

 No, currently this is available only for private car insurance policy holders

Q4. Does Drivesmart insurance policy offer any benefits for good driving behavior?

Drivesmart service helps customers to monitor their driving skills using the telematics device, which in turn encourages them to  implement good driving behavior.

 Q5. Are all cars capable of using DriveSmart?

No, the DriveSmart service is available for cars which support OBD II port, primarily present in models manufactured in the year 2010 or later.

Q6. What all is needed to monitor my vehicle’s health and driving behavior?

Once you purchase/renew car insurance with DriveSmart feature, we will deliver the device to you within 2 weeks. This device has to be placed in the OBD II port of your car. You may find the location of the OBD port in your car from the installation manual that comes along with the DriveSmart device.

Apart from this you need to install our mobile app “Insurance wallet” on your Android or iOS smartphone. Once you follow the process to synchronize the application with the device, you can start monitoring the data on your mobile

 Q7. On what  platforms will this app work?

 The mobile app works on Android and iOS only. For all other users, you can avail the services by logging into our customer portal on

 Q8. What if someone else in my family is driving the car and wants to use the application?

 You can ask your family members to download our application and login through your credentials. Once they start driving, they will start getting alerts and other information on their mobile phone.

Q9. Can this offering be included in my existing car insurance policy?

 Unfortunately, this feature is available only at the time of renewal or purchasing a new policy.

Q10. Is my data safe with the insurance company?

Yes, your data is safe with us using a 256 bit encrypted algorithm on a secure server in India.

Q 11. What does the light in the device indicate?

If the red, green and blue lights are not bright, it indicates that the equipment has no power to work. If all the three lights are bright, it indicates that the equipment is dormant. 


  Red light Blue light Green light
Quick Flashing GPRS connected Platform Normal communication Auto Ignition, reads car ECU data GPS is connected
Slow Flashing GPRS is not connected Engine Flameout, not supported to read the data GPS not connected

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Published on:26 Sep, 2016

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    • Bajaj Allianz

      Hello Himanshu,

      Could you please share more details such as your policy number and contact number, so that the concerned team can get in touch with you to resolve your issue? Also do confirm if the issue you’re facing is while trying to add the policy on our Insurance Wallet app or elsewhere.

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