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Webinar: Demystify Your Health Insurance Policy

In today’s world of rising medical expenses, health insurance is a necessity for everyone. However, understanding it and maintaining your health insurance policy seems like a difficult job. Therefore, on 11 August 2012, we held a webinar to demystify your health insurance policy.

Cashless v/s reimbursements, ambulance charges, room rent, network hospitals, claim processes, and value added services – the best way to choose the right health insurance policy is to first have knowledge about your choices. This webinar will help demystify your health insurance policy and enable you to make better decisions. Watch this video podcast of the webinar, where two experts from the Bajaj Allianz team, Dr. Renuka Kanvinde and Dr. Abhijeet Ghosh, make understanding health insurance real smooth sailing.


Key points highlighted in the webinar are:

  • Understand the coverage and exclusions properly. Also take note of the waiting period for treatment of certain diseases and claims process of the company you are buying health insurance from.
  • An in-house claims processing unit helps in reducing processing time and helps the customer in interacting directly with the claims officer. An in-house claims team also enables the company to have better coordination with hospitals and secure benefits such as OPD discounts for their customers.
  • When buying a health policy or making a claim, it is very important to provide your complete contact details, including phone number, as this will help the company to keep you updated on the processing of your claim.
  • Value Added Services are extra features of health insurance that are usually not highlighted when you first purchase a health insurance policy. However, it is good to enquire about these as they go a long way in providing an all-round benefit on services. They also enable customers to avail discounts on many medical facilities and purchases.
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Published on:7 Aug, 2012

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