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What do I need to keep in mind in case of hospitalization during my travel abroad?


In case you have an overseas travel medical insurance and are admitted to a hospital after an OPD consultation or otherwise, please notify us immediately. The insurance medical assistance department (doctor) will discuss your medical condition with the treating doctor. If it is confirmed that the admission to a hospital is NOT due to any pre-existing conditions or any conditions listed in the exclusion list, then the travel insurance company shall guarantee and settle the payments with the hospital.

Documents Required: In order to expedite processing of the claim, you must send the following documents immediately by fax to +91-20-30512207 or scan and email to us at

  1. Completed claim form signed by the treating doctor and you
  2. Name, address and contact details of the local / family medical doctor in India
  3. Signed copy of the Release of Medical Information Form (ROMIF) to authorize your treating doctor and local medical doctor in India to release your medical information to the Insurance Medical Assistance Department
  4. Treating doctor’s medical report
  5. Estimated medical expenses
  6. Date of travel from India
  7.  Details of domestic health insurance policy, if any (policy no., name and address of insurance company)
  8. Copy of passport with exit stamp from India and entry into overseas country

Note: Your prompt submission of the above documents / information (ROMIF, LMO details, medical reports, estimated medical expenses, claim form) will enable the medical assistance department to make a medical assessment and recommendation of coverage, thereby facilitating the claims process.

Important Numbers: For any further clarifications about travel health insurance or foreign travel insurance, please do not hesitate to contact us at: Telephone +91-20-30305858, Fax +91-20-30512207or email us at

If you need assistance abroad and don’t know where to call, don’t panic! Click here for a list of our international toll-free numbers.

Travel insurance claims may sound tricky, but we have an article that will help you understand the process better.

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Published on:14 Jul, 2010

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14 thoughts on “What do I need to keep in mind in case of hospitalization during my travel abroad?

  1. Pekon Gupta

    It would be helpful, if you can publish the detailed policy notes and document on the website for policy buyers to understand the minute details of coverage before buying. This level of transparency adds trust in the minds of customers, as they know what is covered and what is not.
    People will still buy your policy, even if has less coverage than your competitor, but if the customer knows exactly what are the terms and clauses of coverage.

    with regards, pekon


    • Bajaj Allianz

      Hello Pekon Gupta,

      You can check the “Tools” section on our website, where you can find information related to claim process, brochures, FAQs and other forms that are needed for travel insurance.

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  4. Pallavi

    Hi My parents(aged 65 and 58) will be traveling to the USA for a period of 45 days. My mother has pre-existing diabetes and father has hypertension. Please advice us regarding the appropriate healthcare coverage plan and the associated premium. Also if you could please send us a list of providers and hospital in the Pittsburgh, PA area, that will be great.


    • CFU

      Dear Pallavi,

      Thanks for writing to us.

      Please provide us the updated contact details so that we can arrange the call back from our sales department.

      Thanks and Regards,
      Help and Support Team

  5. parm

    Hi my parents are here with me in melbourne australia and already has this insurance just want to know what is the procedure i need to follow.


    • BJAZsupport

      Dear Mr. Parm,
      Request you to provide us with the policy number and the section against which they need to make a claim on

      We shall check on the same and guide you on the procedure to be followed.

      Best Regards,
      Help and Support Team

  6. Pradip Kumar Sengupta

    Dear Sir
    I am about to travel to UK from 24th March to 31st March 2012. I want to be covered under Travel insurance. I have Asthma, fully managed with only a single puff of inhaler a day. I have a little hypertension, but fully manged through drug. I have no other illness or debility like obesity, diabetes etc. I am a non smoker and live a healthy life. My age is 65+. I live in Kolkata, India. Please advice,


    • BJAZsupport

      Dear Mr. Sengupta,

      Thank you for contacting us. We shall mail across the required details on your id for your reference.

      Request you to go through the same and let us know in case of any query.
      Best Regards,
      Help & Support Team

  7. Eric Pereira

    My Dad have Diabetes and I am planning to buy Travel Insurance for my dad for travel to Melbourne, Australia for 6 months. My dad need to do 3 months diabetes routine check up. Is it covered in Travel Insurance. Also if requred hospitalization due to diabetes is it covered. Please let me know about both this query. Thanks.


    • BJAZsupport

      Dear Mr. Pereira,

      Thank you for writing to us. The concerned team shall mail across the required details on your id.

      Request you to go through the same and let us know in case of any query.
      Best Regards,
      Help & Support Team

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