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World Backup Day – How Insurance Works as a Backup?

World Backup Day is a modern day awareness campaign urging people to back up their computers and devices to prevent them from data loss. Good or bad, important or unimportant, every data loss is painful to an extent. So the motto of this campaign is reach out to people, and remind them about the importance of data backup.

We, at Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, feel that insurance is also a very important back up to have.

Insurance as a backup –

Insurance, in simple terms, offers you protection from loss. It helps you financially when you need money in the wake of an accident or any other calamity. In that sense, insurance can therefore be labelled as ‘backup’ because it is our monetary backup against perils.

Your health backup: Why should you insure your health?

Our health is actually our biggest investment. Anything may happen to us at any moment. There is no guarantee that we will be in our best of health always. Even if we take all the precautions, there is always room for accidents to happen. This is something that we neglect largely.

With the advancement in medical science, treatment has also become very expensive and we are not always equipped to pay huge medical bills. That is when an insurance comes to our rescue and covers our bills, becomes your financial backup in the event of a medical emergency. A very straightforward and genuine reason to buy health insurance!

Backup for your assets: Why should you insure your home & vehicle?

After our health, it is our home and our vehicle that are our biggest investments. Just like our health our homes and vehicles are prone to accidents and calamities too. Any form of damage may lead to a lot of expenses. If we are covered with a good insurance policy, we don’t have much to worry about, at least monetarily.

Rebuilding houses or repairing any damage to our vehicles is not an easy task. We may not always have the money to fix everything right way, that is why an insurance policy is imperative.

Therefore, this World Backup Day, think beyond backing up your devices/data – have a backup for your health and assets as well. Visit our website to get your insurance backup today!

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Published on:31 Mar, 2017

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